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Thread: How long does your 12 month old take to fall asleep nursing?

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    At 12 months, anywhere from 20-40 mins for naps and nighttime settling. He would dream feed a few times over the course of the night without really waking.

    Now, at 20 months, 10-25 mins at nap and nighttime, usually ~15. It gets better. We still nurse ~3-4x/night, but he falls back asleep right away. He has always woken at least once mid-nap and nurses back to sleep after 10ish mins.

    I, personally, would maintain the nursing to sleep association. It's so gentle and nurturing, and this time disappears. DS is nearing 2 (!) and Incant believe how the time has flown. The frustrations and difficulties are far outweighed by your satisfaction at maintaining an intensive breastfeeding relationship in hindsight. Nursing-- and night nursing-- my toddler son has been the beautiful reward for the first year's hiccups. Trust me, the best is yet to come. You don't want to deprive either of you of the fun and loving times ahead of you.
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    Default Re: How long does your 12 month old take to fall asleep nurs

    Thanks, all! Fantastic insight, Meg. I was wondering about this new seeming difficulty with falling asleep nursing. DD is now 14 months old and what pps have described is pretty much exactly what happens with us at bedtime! I sometimes let her crawl down from my lap and go back to the living room, but I want to try being more firm about bedtime. Firm the way it's been described here: gently keeping baby near and offering to nurse AGAIN until sleep happens. Anyway, it all made me wonder when people's babies really stopped nursing to sleep (literally. I do not mean stopped nursing BEFORE sleep, I mean TO sleep). Might start a new thread...

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    We are almost at the 12m mark now and going through the same thing described above.. she will basically launch herself out of my arms and try walking away but it is CLEAR she is really ready for sleep. This is most common at bedtime for us so I get my DH to take her and he rocks/sings to her, she screams as soon as I leave the room, and if she's really really tired she might go to sleep in his arms in 5 minutes but usually I just take a bathroom break and she's ready to nurse when I come back anyway. Another thing that I've found works when she won't settle in her bed is to get DH to hold her for 5 minutes after she falls asleep breastfeeding and then he lays her down (saves me the stress of worrying if she will wake up when I lay her down and she almost never does wake when he lays her down, he has it all worked out like magic ) When she is ready to fall asleep nursing usually takes about 10 minutes but she might stay latched for 30min or more sucking every few seconds. I just wait until her jaw is relaxed enough that I can pull my nipple out between sucks and then hold her a couple more minutes, pat pat pat, pass to DH. Whatever works!

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