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Thread: Pregnant and breastfeeding 18-mo old-supply issues?

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    Default Pregnant and breastfeeding 18-mo old-supply issues?

    Wondering when the milk supply changes if BF while pregnant?

    Also, I am newly pregnant and have noticed that my toddler is much more clingy, wants to nurse more, and also he is back to having really runny bowel movements. Could the milk change be causing this (am only a few weeks pregnant).


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    Default Re: Pregnant and breastfeeding 18-mo old-supply issues?

    Many times a toddler who begins to nurse more frequently again will go back to having the breastfed poops that we all remember from those young-infant days. That is normal and actually suggests that you are still making plenty of breastmilk for your nursling.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! We also have a forum devoted to the topid of Pregnant and Breastfeeding -- check it out:


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    Default Re: Pregnant and breastfeeding 18-mo old-supply issues?

    Hi irishbigsis,
    According to the Breastfeeding Answer Book (p. 410), "The hormones that maintain a pregnancy also cause a decrease in the amount of milk produced. This usually happens during the last four months of the pregnancy. During the last few months of pregnancy the milk changes to colostrum in preparation for the birth. The mother need not be concerned that the nursing child will "use up" all the colostrum -- no matter how much he nurses, colostrum will still be available at birth for the newborn."

    It may be a bit early for the milk changes to be the underlying cause of your toddler's recent behavior. Is your toddler going through a growth spurt? An illness? Developmental milestones? Teething?

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! Keep us posted!


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