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Thread: Post-weaning question

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    Question Post-weaning question

    Hi all. I weaned Dd2 a month ago. I just noticed that im producing a clear-ish gold-ish fluid in both breasts. Im wondering how long it takes to 'dry up' or if i should be considering this a possible sign of something else?
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    It's normal to continue to see milk for weeks, months, or even years after nursing. It's not a health problem or evidence of a health problem.

    As milk production ceases and the breast returns to a nearly pre-pregnant state, there are large shifts in the concentration of different milk components. The milk contains less and less lactose and water, and relatively more protein (including lactoferrin, serum albumin, and immunoglobulins). Basically, the milk turns into something more closely resembling colostrum- which would explain why what you're seeing is clear and golden rather than milky white.

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