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Thread: OS finally gone!!!

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    Default OS finally gone!!!

    After 4 long months, my OS is finally gone! At first I was confused and thinking that I'd lost my supply, but since my baby's diaper output is exactly the same I knew that couldn't be it. For the first time EVER my daughter seems to really enjoy nursing, no more gagging and choking and inhaling milk! I can't believe that nursing can actually be like this. We actually did every single feeding in our bed for 2+ months, lying down, because she absolutely refused to latch on any other way. She doubled her previous weight gain in the same amount of time as a result, we had switched to this style right before her last weight check (very low gain).

    Just want to say to anyone out there who is still suffering, that there is hope. I did not pump except to relieve engorgement, and my baby has never had a bottle (she refuses). I am amazed that my body finally got rid of the extra milk, and I feel like I finally trust my body to take care of baby. She even nursed for fun/comfort in the living room snuggling sitting on the couch with my toddler, which has never happened. It was like a dream come true. Hang in there, all of the OS mamas.
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    Well done! That was exactly the time it finally seemed to go away for me (with a few random flare-ups here and there). Of course then I freaked out that my supply was dropping, so good job being happy and not all anxious/neurotic about it. That's great about the better weight gain, too. You must be so relieved.

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    thats great news. im just beginning block feeding and experiencing the same events you were. Even the pumping to relieve engorgement on the opposite breast. I cant wait for my oversupply and fast let down to subside. i also refuse the bottle if possible. my son is 6 weeks looks like i have a long way to go

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