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Thread: Help please! Callus on nipple that won't go away

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    Default Help please! Callus on nipple that won't go away

    About a month and a half ago, I had a milk blister. it caused very painful engorgement, and finally popped while I was massaging the breast in the shower. The nipple stung a bit to feed my baby after that, but then it seemed pretty normal for a bit. However, it soon started hurting again, and a white spot never really went away. since then, the white spot has grown a little bit and is obviously harder skin, like a callus. I have tried treating it with olive oil, as well as trying to gently remove it when it is soft. in both cases it helped for a day or so but the callus came right back. It only stings a little for a normal feeding, but sometimes my 11 month old has a long nursing session (usually when trying to go to sleep) and it can be very painful for a while after one of those. Does this sound anything like what anyone else has experienced? Will I be able to just wait it out? Is there something I need to try that I haven't done yet?

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    Default Re: Help please! Callus on nipple that won't go away

    Have you tried varying your baby's nursing position on that side? If there's something about the way he/she sucks that's perpetuating the callus, changing where the baby's mouth falls might allow it to go away.

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