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Thread: Should I stop block feeding?

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    Question Should I stop block feeding?

    Hi. I'm worried about my milk supply for the months to come... I have a 7wks old boy. Around the end of 4wks I started block feeding because we were experiencing things on the overproducing list on the book by LLLI and also I was worried about him not getting enough more-fat-milk(I did not check this site at this time). After starting the block feeding, I was happy because I thought feeding became more manageable and he seemed more comfortable for a wk. Then I read some threads on this site and learned the block feeding might be not the thing for my breast. I definitely have fast let down. I do 3hrs on each side now. Most of the time he eats short time about 5+mins or even less. He is fed frequently about every hr (except night sleeping time). Two or three times a day he stays for a while about 20 to 30 mins. So far he is gaining well and have good amount of both wet and poop diapers. But last couple of nights he complained about the breast I offered and I switched ignoring the 3 hrs window. Since I started block feeding without proper guidance I am worried. Should I stop doing 3 hrs block feeding? Doing this 3 hrs block feeding is reducing my supply, right? If I stop block feeding feeding about 5+ mins or less most of the day will be ok for my supply? Will he get good not-too-fat and more-fat mixed milk? If not stop block feeding now when do I stop doing? I want to keep what I can supply. If need to be I want to start block feeding under proper guidance.

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    Block feeding is an art, not a science. The best way to decide when it's time to switch sides is to watch the baby and the breast rather than the clock. If the baby seems hungry after finishing the first breast, and you feel pretty empty, then it's time to switch sides even if the clock says you still have hours to go. Often you will need to do one-sided feedings during part of the day, and offer both sides during other parts of the day. Many moms find that they have more milk in the wee hours of the night and early morning, and less in the afternoon-evening.
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    I am sorry you feel that you did not get a good suggestion from the Womanly Art, do you have the 8th edition? Just for any other moms reading this, it does say that block nursing, when it is needed due to mom or baby having issues caused by over production, is best done by how breasts/mom feels and not by some specific time frame. Other moms would do it for shorter or longer periods each time than you, and many moms find that supply calms down after those initial weeks without block nursing at all.

    I agree block nursing is something to be careful about! Yes, it reduces milk production. That is what it is supposed to do. So if it has done it's job, then certainly it is time to stop and simply nurse your baby as much and switch sides as much as you and baby want.

    I would like to add that if overproduction is not bothering you or your baby, there is no need to do anything about it. Entirely too much is made of the foremilk/hindmilk thing. Simply nursing frequently does a lot to help with that, anyway.

    In your case, perhaps your milk production has simply ‘regulated’ to normal and that does feel very different to both mom and baby after overproduction. I say this is likely because your baby’s weight gain and output indicate baby gets plenty of milk. Behavior at the breast you describe, the frequent nursing, the variable length of feedings are all entirely normal.

    If you ever do think your production is low, the way to fix that is to nurse frequently as you are doing and also, to encourage baby to nurse on both sides per feeding.

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    Thank you mommal and lllmeg. I will stop look at a clock too much and focus on his cues. Also stop doing the block feeding for now and see how he and my breast will feel about it.

    I have to make one correction. Womanly Art (yes I have the 8th edition) is a great book and I get so much out of it. When I felt tired, it guides and cheers me up. About the overproducing and block feeding I couldn't see the whole picture and did not thought if I needed the block feeding or not. But other than that I am reading the book over and over. It encourage me everyday.

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    Oh I understand. Block feeding (in fact, overproduction and foreceful letdown in general) is such a tricky subject and I actually agree that the 'WAB,' as wonderful as it is, could be clearer about when and how block feeding is possibly appropriate, how to do it, and when to stop.

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