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Thread: Now I'm radioactive!

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    Default Now I'm radioactive!

    After all the challenges with the baby, I found out, when I went for my bone scan this morning, that the radioactive isotope they used is excreted in breastmilk and they told me I shouldn't breastfeed for 3 days. I haven't been able to find it listed online anywhere by the specific name they gave me so, to be safe, I'm going to follow their advice. I'm concerned because usually when I pump I only get an ounce or so, so I hope my supply doesn't drop.

    On the plus side, DD gained again (up 3 oz from Monday). My regular doctor wasn't there, so I saw a family practice guy instead. He was really nice, wasn't concerned that she didn't gain 5 oz in 5 days, said that she was gaining and that's fine. He asked why I wasn't just breastfeeding and was very supportive. If he wasn't in the same office as the pediatrician, where I run the risk of running in to her when I go to see him, I'd switch over. I'm still going to look for a new doctor.

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    Do you have the name of the isotope? There are charts regarding their halflives, and I'm sure a Leader could locate the info for you!

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