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Thread: Is my 8-month-old weaning?

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    Geez, yeah, you'd think they'd build little 30 minute timers into bottles so we know the second it switches from Most Nutritious Thing Ever to something not even fit to pour down the drain.

    Anyway, yeah, it's a dumb policy, it's a CYA on the part of the day care, and there's pretty much nothing i can do about it.

    Smaller bottles are an option, but realistically, they've got other babies in the room and they can't just sit there all morning dribbling half ounces into him.

    I know they've experimented with temperature, and i know sometimes it makes a difference. I don't know if they've ever tried a cold bottle. I'll see if they're willing to try, and more importantly, if they're willing to warm the bottle and try again if he rejects the cold one.

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    Default Re: Is my 8-month-old weaning?

    Jeez, if my daycare was sending my hard-won milk down the drain, I'd be sending it in 1/2 oz servings. I'd rather that the daycare has to fuss with lots of bottles than see them discard the milk. Which just makes me want to .

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