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Thread: How to know when to switch

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    My LO is almost 6 weeks and currently only nurses on one side unless she's going through a growth spurt. I have an oversupply and sometimes after a long night's sleep my breasts are engorged and feel fuller after that morning feeding. As a result I feel like I should be putting her back on that same breast for the second feeding. Should I or should I put her on the left? I just want to make sure she's getting all the right kinds of milk but I don't want to force her on the breast to keep eating if she's done. I guess I'm curious too how I know when she's getting the right milk. Her diaper output is great and she's a larger baby, 12 lbs 5 oz as of last weeks one month checkup. Thanks in advance.

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    All your milk is good for your baby. Here's a link to a thread that really explains well the whole 'foremilk/hindmilk' thing http://forums.llli.org/showthread.ph...milk-Read-this!

    As for when to switch sides, I think that's something you can play around with. If you feel like she didn't eat much on one side, by all means put her back on the same breast. But I think you should do it according to your own comfort (ie, will your other breast get too engorged if you use the same side twice?) rather than whether your LO is getting the 'right' kind of milk. As long as diaper output and weight gain are good, I think your baby is getting exactly what she needs from you!

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    How bad is the oversupply, mama? If it's really troubling you, then block feeding (i.e. using one breast for 2 or more feedings in a row) may help you decrease your supply to a more reasonable level.

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