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Thread: chunks missing from nipples

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    Default chunks missing from nipples

    Guess I need some encouragement. Its very painful with no end in sight. How longs does it take to heal? don't want it to get infected. Anything I can use on it?


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    Default Re: chunks missing from nipples

    It depends on what is causing it. If I recall your other posts correctly, in your case the damage is probably related to a latch issue, in which case the damage should heal when the latch gets better. Can you tell us more about what you're experiencing during nursing? Is there pain throughout the feeding, do your nipples emerge from the baby's mouth looking wedged/creased/ridged/shaped like new lipsticks, has baby been checked for tongue tie, etc.?

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    Default Re: chunks missing from nipples

    We had latching issues at the beginning (in addition to other issues...) but, in addition of correcting the latch, as mommal mentions in pp, there was something that really helped me heal my nipples at the beginning (and I was not expecting to work at all)

    One nurse at the hospital told me to get tea bags (the black tea that you would use to make iced tea...) and dip them in warm water and put them on my nipples. Man! that felt really good and it helped healing. After I put the bags, I let my nipples air dry and then applied lanolin or another nipple cream. And avoided using bras or I wore those nipple guards from medela after I put the lanolin on...

    I know how painful it is, I cried every time my girl latched on for the first 2-3 weeks and I had cracks all over my nipples. But it will get better!

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