I figured it wasn't the norm, hell I figured the usual 4-5 hour stretches she had before the 8 hour and last nights 7 hour weren't normal but I wasn't complaining because as far as I can tell she's eating and gaining weight and producing good diaper output. But now you have me worried lol I'm a paranoid FTM remember?! Should I be waking her then? I woke this morning obviously engorged but I just hand expressed before feeding her and used a nipple shield to help with forceful letdown. As she nurses throughout the day I'm never engorged but just full before feedings so I don't need to hand express. I usually only run into the issue when she sleeps long stints like that.

Another question. I know spit up is normal and that you can't over feed a breast fed baby but I'm curious why she takes in so much if she spits it out. The spitting up doesn't seem to bother her but I went through 3 tshirts yesterday so figured I'd ask. I'm pretty good about burping her regularly during and after feedings but sometimes it won't come up until a half hour later. Am I putting her back On the breast when I shouldn't?