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Thread: Wow, we've made it HERE!

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    Default Wow, we've made it HERE!

    Good evening, ladies,

    I just feel I have to share some of my happiness... DD and I have made it to a year bfing with no formula whatsoever! Yeay!

    We're only nursing now 2-3 times a day (morning, late afternoon and evening), but we're still going strong. I have to hail a HUGE thank you to you ladies as it was in the forums here that I found the support and help needed when I was having a difficult time bfing DS 5 years ago - all that support and advice has stayed with me to allow me to have such a wonderful and successful bfing relationship with DD now.

    So thank you ladies!

    Married 28 july 2005
    Mummy to my DS , born 30 july 2008
    proud to have BF him for 8 months
    Now a Mummy for the 2nd time to my DD , born 15 june 2012 for 15 1/2months! Still whenever we can and

    DS Stats
    Birth: 7lbs 15oz - 19.5inches
    4 yrs: 35lbs 4oz - 3feet 5.5inches
    5 yrs: 40lbs - 3feet 8inches

    DD Stats
    Birth: 7lbs 13oz - 19.5inches
    6.5 months 12lbs 14oz - 26inches
    9 months 15lbs 13oz
    15months 20lbs 11oz - 30 inches

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    Default Re: Wow, we've made it HERE!

    Yay! Congrats!
    We're in the same boat, and I remember you from almost 5 years ago with OUR son, and then last summer with OUR DD.
    We'll be at one year on Tuesday, completely formula free, too!! YAY!!!

    Mama to
    O - July 2008
    J - June 2012

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    Default Re: Wow, we've made it HERE!

    Congrats! We just made it to a year last week, also no formula. Yeah! We still nurse about 4x day, morning, afternoon, bedtime, and once overnight (all going to sleep!).

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    Default Re: Wow, we've made it HERE!

    Congrats to you all, yay! I wish I had some friends close by who are hitting this milestone. I'm pretty sure almost all the new moms I know are formula feeders except one and she's >10 years younger than I am, with different interests.

    We will be celebrating 1 year BF no formula in a couple weeks. I work F/T and my LO still nurses like crazy morning, evening, overnight and weekends. No slow down in sight and she is a serious shirt tugger so I think we'll be going awhile. I love our BF relationship though I sure think about giving up that pump!
    1st time mom over 40 to Alex(andra) b: 7/14/12

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    Default Re: Wow, we've made it HERE!

    Awesome!!! Job well done, mama. Not that you're actually done, of course!

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