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Thread: 12 month transition, still so confused...

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    Default 12 month transition, still so confused...

    Sorry Mamas,

    I posted a few days ago about pump weaning and the 12mo transition and i am still so confused as to how I should go about transitioning him from breastmilk bottles during to the day to food and water only etc...

    DS will be 1yr old in 12 days
    He currently takes 3 bottle of BM and solids 2xday plus snack during the day with our childcare provider and nurses on demand at home (around 4-5times a day)

    Here's what I am confused about:
    Should i gradually reduce the number of BM bottles during the day over a few weeks until eventually he's at none (to coincide with my pump weaning from 3x a day down to none?)

    Also, I know he doesn't *need* cow's milk and juice is terrible, so would he just drink water ALL day?

    I know I am probably over thinking all this!

    Super appreciate all your help, YOU ALL are the reason we made it here!



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    Default Re: 12 month transition, still so confused...

    Since your LO is just turning one, I think the best thing to do is to slowly drop the bottles. Maybe keep the number of bottles the same, but send a little less in them. Or drop a single bottle and then wait, see how it goes, then drop another, etc. you want to be careful about dropping those pump sessions, too- some moms can't drop 3 pumping sessions all at once without getting uncomfortable. So I'd drop one, give it a few days, then drop another.

    When your LO is weaned from breastmilk bottles, then yes, it's going to be water all day! And while there's no need to offer cow's milk, provided that you nurse at least 3-5 times per day (more being preferable, especially with a young baby), you can give cow's milk bottles or sippies if you want.

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    Default Re: 12 month transition, still so confused...

    I agree with mommal. Take it slow. I know many moms very understandably want to pump wean when they get to 12 months, but the problem is, some babies are not ready to be eating only solids all day at that point. Some are, some are not. So how quickly you want to do this depends in part on how your baby handles the transition.

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