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Thread: HELP. Don't want to quit

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    Good evening everyone,

    I am EBF my 13 week old son. We've had troubles since the beginning, including fast key down, over supply, under supply, severe reflux, and a very tight upper lip tie.

    The last two weeks have been especially difficult. He has started to STTN, from 10 or 11 to 4 or 5. Along with this has come an increase in nursing during the day , as in constant! His reflux and diaper output have both decreased. This morning I took him in to weigh ( he gained 3/4 ounce a day since last visit ) before and after nursing. He nursed at 5, 730 until after 8 , 930 then again at 1015 at the office. After TEN minutes on one breast and about Five on the other, he only took in .... ONE OUNCE.

    What could possibly be going on??

    I've always nursed on demand and have never supplemented. I drink plenty of fluids and take the Gaia lactation support.

    I feel like we should run to the store for formula. I've nursed probably a total of 8 hrs, I'm exhausted, my older son and husband are neglected, and my baby seems to be suffering.

    Advice ??

    Thanks so much.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    You should never base your thoughts about baby's nursing efficiency on a single weigh-feed-weigh measurement. How much milk a baby drinks at a feeding will vary a lot, based on when he feeds, how hungry he is, when he fed last, where he is (many babies nurse less when in a strange location like the LC's office), how full the breast is, etc. If you're really worried about your baby's milk intake, I suggest doing the following:
    1. Stop letting him STTN. More nursing at night will boost your supply and may result in less need for nursing during the day.
    2. Watch his diaper output. Good pee/poop output = normal milk input.
    3. Keep an eye on his weight. A baby who is continuing to gain weight at a normal rate is getting enough to eat.
    4. If you're on any form of hormonal contraception, consider whether or not you can get on board with a non-hormonal option. Hormonal contraception can and often does screw with supply!
    5. See a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC.
    6. Consider renting a scale for home use. One weigh-feed-weigh measurement tells you very little, but several days' worth of data can tell you a lot!

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    No need to run to the store for formula. Here's a link from kelly mom about average weight gain for breastfed babies: http://kellymom.com/bf/normal/weight-gain/. If baby is gaining 3/4 ounce per day, that is 5.25 ounces per week. According to the information in the link, that is a normal amount of weight gain for a baby this age. I agree with mommal about not putting too much store in the one weigh-feed-weigh, also agree that it's always a good idea to offer frequently and nurse frequently! It's completely normal for a breastfed baby to nurse 10-12 times per 24 hours or even more - so especially if baby is sleeping a longer stretch at night, that's going to come out to at least every 2 hours (on average; baby will likely feed even more frequently during some parts of the day, and less frequently at others). As far as exhaustion - do you have anyone helping you with your older child? Are you able to nap at all when baby naps? Is you husband or someone else helping out with other household chores?

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    A child who is gaining almost an oz a day is not having a problem. It will get you over the minimum mark of 3.5 oz a week. Which is almost a lb month. And if your baby is truly going 4-6 hours at night and you are getting a solid break like that....that is pretty amazing. I know there are women here would give their left tit to get 3 hours strung together of sleep. Accept what you are going through as normal. Because it is. And enjoy and relish the long break for sleep. (Which won't last...but HEY while it's here, INDULGE.)

    Way too lazy for formula

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    This too shall pass.... If your looking to get a break and spend some time with someone other than baby What about trying to pump and give a bottle of EBM. It might help your supply (although it sounds like you aren't low- he just takes for ever to eat) and it would give you a much deserved break.

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