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Thread: 3 week old Breastfeeding and VERY fussy with green stool

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    Default 3 week old Breastfeeding and VERY fussy with green stool

    Hi, I'm a new mom and my baby has been breastfed from birth. When we came home her pees and poops slowed so the Ped. told me to supplement with formula. She had still be extremely fussy and was spitting up all the time so I went back to Ped. and they prescribed Zantac for acid reflux. She is also on gas drops for excessive has pains. Recently I've Ben researching a little on my own and found that with my low caloric intake she may have not been getting enough hindmilk and so I've been nursing on one side at a time to be sure she gets all the milk out if the breast she can. I am still supplementing bc she will nurse for up to 3 hours at a time and still be starving! I give her 2 oz of formula and she's happy. But then she started 2 days ago having green loose stool which I know can be normal for breastfed babies but it is accompanied by spitting up and lots of tummy discomfort. It cannot be a sensitivity to cow protein in my breastmilk bc I'm lactose intolerant and go not take in any dairy. Could she have a sensitivity to something else in my milk or to the formula? I'm afraid yo take her off one or the other to find out she gets worse. Please help!

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    Default Re: 3 week old Breastfeeding and VERY fussy with green stool

    What is baby's weight gain/loss history please?

    How many times a day does baby nurse and how many times is baby given a bottle each day and how much formula is ib each bottle?


    edit-low caloric intake-why do you have a low caloric intake?

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    Default Re: 3 week old Breastfeeding and VERY fussy with green stool

    I am asking the above because I am trying to figure out if you need to be supplementing as much as you are, or at all. A baby nursing a tremendous amount is normal at this age, and a baby taking a bottle does not mean necessarily that baby needs that ‘extra’ feeding. Also, “less” poops in the first few days is not, alone, a reason to supplement. Too much weight loss or dehydration might be. But even if supplements were needed early on, are they still needed?

    Formula of course is very likely to cause gastrointestinal distress. It is much much much much more likely to cause such issues than breastmilk. So eliminating formula supplementation, if that can be done safely, would be the first logical step in troubleshooting any gastrointestinal issues. Also, since formula supplementation when it is not needed can very much complicate breastfeeding and cause serious issues with milk production and breast refusal, that is another reason to be very careful about it.

    Green poop and fussiness can simply be a entirely normal. All breastmilk poop is loose and watery, that is entirely normal.

    Green poop and fussiness may indicate overproduction and forceful letdown. This does NOT mean there is something wrong with your milk!

    When overproduction and/or forceful letdown happens, it may, sometimes, bother baby, and that is due to baby getting too MUCH foremilk, which in turn means baby does not get as much hindmilk. BUT THIS WILL NOT CAUSE WEIGHT GAIN ISSUES. On the contrary, Baby would be gaining very rapidly on breastmilk alone, and not need any supplementation.

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    Default Re: 3 week old Breastfeeding and VERY fussy with green stool

    LLL Leader,
    Reilly has been gaining weight consistantly since birth, she was back to birth weight at her 2 week appointment and has gained since then. I was giving her 1- 2 oz of formula at each feeding because she was still so hungry. I am on a lower caloric diet for two reasons, one is due to my own IBS problems and a restricted diet because of it, and two because I am literally always feeding her and do not have time to cook a meal. I basically eat when my husband is home to make food or if there is food already prepared. I saw your post and had some breast milk expressed, about 3 oz, so I gave it all to her at the next feeding not giving her any formula and she seemed very happy! Could it be that when she is nursing she is just not getting enough? If I could pump and feed her that way without having to supplement formula that would be great.

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    Default Re: 3 week old Breastfeeding and VERY fussy with green stool

    Why would she not be able to get enough when nursing? Is latch poor? Does it hurt you when she nurses? Because her behavior at the breast is normal. I know it’s intense but that is how it is in the early weeks. Nursing lots and lots and lots is normal.

    Can you see a board certified lactation consultant? (IBCLC)? She can watch baby nurse and troubleshoot if baby is having difficulty transferring milk. But I doubt there is any difficulty or serious difficulty because you say your baby’s weight gain was always normal.

    Exclusive pumping is very hard. Ask any eping mom. It is NOT easier than nursing. ever! Yes, getting mommas milk is much healthier for baby than formula, but exclusive pumping is only for those sad times when it is truly needed because baby cannot latch and nurse. That is not your situation! Bottlefeeding, you lose many of the benefits to nursing, for both mother and baby.

    It sounds as if your baby is able to latch and nurse and you make enough milk. If anything, maybe some latch adjustment will help, but otherwise all sounds entirely normal. Yes it is hard in the early weeks when baby nurses non-stop. Then it gets not so hard. Then it gets easy, and before you know it, it is like breathing and you will wonder how you could mother without this wonderful way of instantly and so easily feeding/calming/connecting to your baby.

    Mom not getting enough to eat is possibly a health issue for mom. But it will not harm the quality or amount of her breastmilk unless it is extreme. Starvation levels. But your milk production sounds as if it was fine and always was fine. Babies only MAY need formula supplements if they are not gaining adequately.

    Strategy for eating enough in early weeks: Have your husband leave sandwiches, cut up fruit, veges and dip, pretzels, that kind of thing that you can grab and eat one handed. Also, you do not have to drink extra water, but drink to thirst. As needed.

    Strategy for long nursing sessions: Breast compressions http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...agename=doc-BC

    Excellent article on what is normal in early weeks: http://kellymom.com/bf/normal/newborn-nursing/

    many new moms find this article reassuring: http://forums.llli.org/showthread.ph...much-Read-this!

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    Default Re: 3 week old Breastfeeding and VERY fussy with green stool

    Thank you so much! I can't tell you how great it feels to know what my baby needs! I just have one more question. How can I maximize my milk flow so that I can both pump and breastfeed? It's nearly impossible to do anything but breastfeed bc it can take her upwards of 2 hours to eat. We are working on our latch and I've been watching lots if videos to learn how to do this better. In the meantime she is not getting enough while she nurses and if I pump I typically get 1/2 oz, if I wait a longer stretch it'll sometimes be 1 oz. bc I was formula feeding I do not think she's getting enough right now and don't know what to do until she does.

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    Default Re: 3 week old Breastfeeding and VERY fussy with green stool

    Yes, it is true, you really cannot get anything else done when you are mothering a newborn baby. This goes on for a few weeks, maybe the first 6-10 weeks, tops. (unless thre are very severe breastfeeding issues.) It's a drop in the bucket of your lifetime and your child's lifetime. Soon, you start being able to do more, and more, and more.

    Learn to nurse in public if you have not yet. Get a baby carrier so you have a hand free to do simple tasks around the house. That will help. But nothing changes the fact that what a newborn needs to be doing is eating and sleeping in mammas arms pretty much all day long.

    Adding pumping to your list of things you think you should be doing is not going to help. If a mom has to pump because she has low production, then she pumps, whenever she can. It is hard, and only needed if mom has low production and baby NEEDS supplements.

    If your baby is gaining ok, baby is getting enough, even if it takes baby two hours too nurse and baby fusses after nursing. If your baby is not gaining well and cannot get enough milk via nursing, it is important to have a full consultation with a good IBCLC to figure out why.

    I can't tell you how to increase pump output at this age. The pump output you are getting is normal. Your milk production is being established right now. The best way to ensure normal milk production is by nursing your baby as much as baby needs.

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    Default Re: 3 week old Breastfeeding and VERY fussy with green stool

    This is a good article on what is normal in the early weeks. It explains what signs to look for to know if baby is getting enough: http://kellymom.com/bf/normal/newborn-nursing/

    I know you think because you supplemented that you do not make enough. I hope this article will help you tell if that is true or not.

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    Default Re: 3 week old Breastfeeding and VERY fussy with green stool

    Are you still nursing on just 1 breast per feeding?

    Also, what sort of formula have you been using? If your baby has a dairy intolerance and you're using a diary-based formula, that could explain why you're dairy free yet still seeing issues with your baby.
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