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Thread: Relactating to BF after 11mo possible?

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    Default Relactating to BF after 11mo possible?

    Hi all! I really want to relactate in order to breast feed my 15mo old daughter. We stopped when she was 5-6mo old (it was getting tough with work and 3 other kiddos). I really miss it and really want to try. Is it possible though? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Relactating to BF after 11mo possible?

    Yes it IS possible. Many mothers have relactated. Mothers have even INDUCED lactation even when they have not ever nursed or even been pregnant or given birth. So yes it is certainly possible. I know it has been a long time, and of course there are never any guarantees. But the fact you nursed for so long initially improves your odds a lot.

    When a mom wants to relactate she is usually looking to solve two issues-1) encouraging baby to latch and nurse, and 2) bringing back her milk production.

    Because your child is 15 months old and (presumably) "fully" eating solids, or at least, not living entirely on a breast milk substitute (formula,) you don't even have to worry all that much-or really, at all, about how much milk volume you are able to produce, certainly, not initially. You could simply offer/encourage your child to nurse, and see what happens. If baby resists, which she well may, give her time and keep trying but gently. There are many ways to gently encourage nursing at the breast.

    If you want to be more proactive, put simply, the way to relactate is exactly the opposite of how to dry milk up. We reduce milk production by not extracting milk frequently. To bring back and then increase milk production, the most important key is to extract milk frequently (by nursing, and/or pumping, and/or hand expression. You may not get any milk at all for a while. It’s ok. Just keep pumping, nursing and/or hand expressing. As frequently as you possibly can. It does not have to be long each time, frequency is more important than duration.

    You can also look into galactagogues for increasing production and using an at the breast supplementer for encouraging baby to nurse.

    More info:

    articles: http://www.llli.org/faq/relactation.html


    Making More Milk (book)

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    Default Re: Relactating to BF after 11mo possible?

    with the PP.

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