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    This is my first post on a forum here! My EBF DD is 12 weeks old, she'll be 3 months old next week so I wasn't really sure which forum to post in. Since she was born she has always had multiple BM's daily, usually 4-5 at least, but the past four days she's had fewer BM's and today she only had one very tiny one in the early morning hours and then nothing else since then. Is it normal for a 12 week old baby to start having less frequent BMs? I read that it's normal once they're past 6 weeks to have less frequent movements, but this just started now at 12 weeks. Yesterday she had a couple green BM's so I'm not sure if maybe she has a stomach bug or something. The combo of the less frequent BM's and the green color yesterday has me concerned. I'm a first time mom so even the slightest changes leave me with questions! She has had plenty of urine output though, and she acts as if nothing is bothering her otherwise. Any thoughts/input would be much appreciated! TIA!

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    Infrequent pooping is totally normal in a breastfed baby who is >6 weeks old. The point at which it begins is different for all babies. Some start before 6 weeks, some start much later than 6 weeks- my first didn't start until she was about 6 months old- and some never do it.

    Don't worry about the green poops, either. The occasional green poop or cluster of green poops is nothing to be concerned about. Just a normal variation. You only want to be concerned when a baby's poop is consistently green for a significant period of time- like several weeks or more.
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    Hi welcome Raegans.mom! yes this is entirely normal. It is normal for babies to go to a less frequent poops pattern anytime after about 6 weeks of age. Some keep pooping frequently for a long time, other do not. It's all over the map. I would not worry about the green, especially if pees are looking good and baby continues to nurse with good frequency-at least about 8 times a day. edit whoops mommal beat me. What she said!

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    Thanks for the replies! I'm glad to hear this is normal. She's acting happy & fine so I figured it was nothing to be worried about but I just needed reassurance. I'm already eating a dairy-free diet because her pediatrician believes she has a dairy allergy so anything even slightly abnormal makes me wonder! Everyone thinks I'm crazy because I inspect her poo all the time.

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    What made pediatrician think she had a dairy allergy? I recently read something I thought was smart about 'testing' suspected food allergy via breastmilk. I think it was in My Child Won’t Eat….Author suggested that if mom eliminates the suspected allergen from her diet and the issue clears up, after a week or so (or more) mom should purposefully eat the suspected food again-a good portion-(for dairy, a glass of milk or dish of ice cream for example) to see if the issue comes back. If it does, this is pretty good proof the suspected allergen was/is the issue.

    of course, do not do this if baby’s allergic reaction was serious, but if it was relatively mild- rash or green poop or fussiness or spitup or something.

    lol. Poo inspection-I am pretty sure most new (and many not so new) parents inspect kid's poo. You can tell a lot from poop! Is this your first baby? wait for solids. Then you might go poo mining!

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    Her pediatrician suspected a dairy allergy because she had two poopy diapers that were almost entirely clear mucus with little specks of blood. I've been dairy-free for a month now and her poo went back to normal once I quit eating dairy. I did accidentally eat a cookie that had butterscotch chips in it (but was otherwise dairy-free) and the following evening she had a mucusy poo with specks of blood in it again so I'm pretty sure the pediatrician hit the nail on the head with that one!

    Yes - she is my first! How could you tell?! They almost made me supplement with formula at the hospital after she was born (due to jaundice/weight loss) but I refused and we've been very successful bf'ing ever since, so I'm a nut about making sure even the slightest changes aren't abnormal. I'm willing to do just about anything to keep her breastfeeding exclusively!

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