I just got my son out of the NICU, and he is living proof that every baby is different when it comes to breast feeding. I've decided I'm just not designed to carry to 40 weeks-DD was a 37 week baby at 5 lbs 8 oz, DS 36 weeks 6 lbs 6 oz-so, large for gestational age, whereas DD was tiny. She did have a very brief NICU stay due to jaundice, during which time they determined she lacked muscle tone, even as a full term newborn, to suck from a bottle and they insisted on finger feeding her. Looking back, she never had a good sucking reflex, even at a bottle or pacifier, never mind the breast. So, I freaked when the NICU doctor said they had to bottle feed my son before they would release him. DH (who is very supportive of breastfeeding, for what it's worth) was the voice of reason and said the sooner he eats, the sooner we can get him home and you can feed him however you want. DS is nursing like a champ-the only problem is with me, as I make way too much (a year of exclusive pumping for DD made me respond very well to the pump). So even if they insist on bottles in the NICU, it's not a lost cause.