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Thread: how do I know???

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    How do I know if my supply is dropping? I have a 6 wk old and she nurses all day long. She is not sleeping well during the day ( 15-30 min naps) and night time sleep has dropped to 2 hrs spurts instead of the 3-4 we were having. I'm pulling my hair out trying to pump also, so I can have one feedings worth in the fridge- for late night or for my husband to give to her. I feel like I'm feeding her so many times in the day, that when I go to pump I only get abt 1 ounce. I worry about timing- meaning, she feeds so many times, when do I go pump? I'm rambling and frustrated...forgive me

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    Is your baby gaining appropriately? If an ebf baby is gaining appropriately, mom makes enough milk. Supply DOES often drop off or 'regulate' at around this age, because prior to this, many mothers make more than enough milk.

    Remember your body was designed to make enough milk for your child for as long as your child nurses. If you had enough milk at 3 weeks, there is no reason you would not have enough now, unless you are doing something or taking something that harms milk production.

    Your baby’s nursing pattern is normal for this age. It is also normal to get on ounce or less when you are pumping. After all, anything you pump is 'extra.' plus a normal feed at this age would only be 1-3 ounces.

    I'm pulling my hair out trying to pump also, so I can have one feedings worth in the fridge- for late night or for my husband to give to her.
    It sounds as if pumping at this point is causing additional stress. Pumping in order to have milk for someone else to give a bottle is a choice, there is no need to do it, and many breastfeeding moms never bother to pump until/unless separations make it necessary.

    It sounds like you are really tired. I suggest, try to put together a one time stretch of 4 hours of sleep if you can. This is often enough to clear a new moms head. If you think it will help to have your husband give a bottle, and you have one ounce, have your husband give baby one ounce. If you have none, ask your husband to take baby for a drive or a walk so you can sleep. Or, if you can do so safely, consider sleeping with baby if you are not already.

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    with LLLMeg. I just want to point out that 6 weeks is often when a big growth spurt hits, and that can cause a baby to feed all. the. time. As long as diaper output and growth remain normal, there's no reason to worry that frequent feeding is anything other than normal.

    How is nursing going aside from the things you mentioned? Is baby gaining weight well, is nursing comfortable for you?

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    Thanks for the encouragement! She is weighing fine & making all of her diapers. You're right- I am tired! I read about a 6 wk growth spurt, too. I know this will pass!

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    Here's a link to an article Meg has posted previously about normal breastfeeding behavior (ie, all the time!). http://www.lalecheleague.org/nb/law45com.html New moms often interpret frequent breastfeeding to mean that baby is not getting enough, when this is simply the way a normal baby nurses! Hang in there mama, it sounds like you are doing great. These early weeks are exhausting - it does get so much easier!

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