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Thread: OK to BF with Infected CS?

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    Default OK to BF with Infected CS?

    My C-section ruptured in one spot and got infected so my OBGYN placed me on antibiotics. Is it ok to BF with an infection?

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    Yikes, that sounds very unpleasant! Hope you recover soon, mama.

    It should be totally fine to nurse with an infected incision. What sort of antibiotics are you on?

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    Check infantrisk.org for any questions regarding medications and breastfeeding Sorry about the rupture.

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    Yeouch. Not fun.

    Are you concerned about breastfeeding due to the infection, or the meds? it is typically ok to nurse when mom has an infection. Is it an MRSA infection (resistant staph?) According to Breastfeeding Answers Made Simple, There is some possible concern with MRSA if baby’s health is very fragile- baby is ill or premature. Otherwise, it says there is no reason to stop nursing, as baby has already been exposed to the infection prior to mother having symptoms. If you want I can quote the whole section, let me know. But you may want to discuss this with your pediatrician, hopefully he or she is breastfeeding knowledgeable and supportive, and/or an IBCLC.

    And yes most meds including most commonly used anti-biotics carry a very low risk when nursing. You were surely already given anti-biotics before and after your baby’s c-section birth.

    For medication and nursing questions, see this info: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...tionsandbf.pdf

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