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Thread: 4-6 Dirty Diapers and Doc thinks food sensitivity

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    Default 4-6 Dirty Diapers and Doc thinks food sensitivity

    Brought my LO for his 4 month check up and mentioned that we still had 4-6 dirty diapers a day. Dr. asked me to bring in dirty's to test just to make sure as he thought that was out of the norm, ended up he said they were a little bit mucusy and the test showed traces of blood (We have never had any visible blood) so he suggested I cut out dairy and soy. LO is not fussy, he is growing like a champ and recently started sleeping through the night. From everything I have looked into if he is happy and growing and does not seem uncomfortable I shouldn't need to change my diet. I don't want to hurt the little guys stomach and will change my diet if needed but if its not necessary then I would prefer not to. Anyone else run into this or have any suggestions? His dirties are watery and brown or green if that makes a difference. Also, I had been taking fiber and I stopped that right away and he has since gone to about 3-4 dirties. TIA

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    Default Re: 4-6 Dirty Diapers and Doc thinks food sensitivity

    Look up the academy of breastfeeding medicine. They have a suggested medical protocol (written by doctors, for doctors) on allergy in the breastfed infant you can read and to show your doctor.
    The amount if poops does not sound at all outside of normal to me. Yes many babies poop less often at this age but many do not. Very watery and brown or green could mean a virus or possibly forceful letdown.
    As far as the blood, this can have other causes is my understanding. http://www.bfmed.org/Media/Files/Pro...ish_120211.pdf

    If you like, you could eliminate dairy and soy for several days. if there is no improvement in a week, that means that it is probably not dairy and soy.

    If there IS improvement, continue elimination for another week, then drink a couple huge glasses of milk. If the symptoms come back after you drink milk then that would indicate that the issue is possibly dairy but of course that is still not 100% proof.

    Some moms find they need to eliminate milk and icecream but not yogurt and cheese.

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