Oh mama, you're not a failure! People get sick. With regards to antibiotics and breastfeeding, it's important to realize that while there may be limited formal data (assessing levels of antibiotic in breastmilk, etc), there is a very large clinical experience with nursing mothers taking augmentin. That's not to say that there is no chance of an adverse reaction. Every drug has risks and benefits. But as filmmommy points out, leaving Lyme disease untreated will almost certainly lead to a bunch of negative health consequences, while the chance of your baby having a reaction to the augmentin is small. And, the risks of the drug are also small compared to the benefits of ongoing breastfeeding. Of course, if you are worried - for example about the red bumps - take her into the pediatrician. It's good to be attentive. But what you don't want to do is overweight the risk of the drug compared to the benefit it imparts, or compared to the benefits of continuing to nurse your LO.