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Thread: do I have lipase?

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    Default do I have lipase?

    So...went to use some milk that was in the fridge pumped from 2 days ago. It tastes like Dawn dish soap. I'm guessing I have a lipase issue? This was fresh milk, not previously frozen. I went to mix it with some solids and tried some, it was awful.
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    Default Re: do I have lipase?

    Soapy does sound like excess lipase. Your milk is perfectly safe, and some babies don't seem to mind the taste it in the least. Others refuse it though.

    Slightly odd but not unheard of that it was not frozen - but the only other possibility is an improperly rinsed pump or container?

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    Default Re: do I have lipase?

    just check that the bottles really are free of soap residue but otherwise it sounds like lipase. like pp said

    my milk early on tasted off after a day in the fridge, but over time for some reason got better and lasted a few days so i only had to scald if i was freezing it.

    have you heard of BLS baby led solids? it was great for us and we didnt use cereal at all.

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