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Thread: still bf, but does he need other liquids

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    Default still bf, but does he need other liquids

    Ok, I actually made it to a year and a day! Breastfeeding has gotten so much better since the early months. I am currently wondering if my son needs other fluids, he eats 3 square meals plus snacks and all his solid food is whole, unprocessed and mostly veggies and fruits with a lot of raw yogurt that I make. Anyway I have dropped a night feed so I still feed him 6-8 times a day. He gets what ive got -I have low supply and know it has decreased from the reduced night feeding (he refuses to feed most nights so I wake up and try for half an hour usually without success) I am confident its at least 10 oz though. I also supplement with donated milk about 9 oz a day. So at somewhere around 20 oz a day, does he need water at meals or after nursing or should I give him goat milk or something with more nutrition? I notice every once in a while that his stools get that dehydrated look but its very infrequent. Is 19 oz ok for a 1 year old or should I still be giving him more milk?
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    Default Re: still bf, but does he need other liquids

    congrats!! i think at this point you can do whatever you want in terms of milk or water. i would definitely add some liquid, especially since it's summer now. let him have a sippy/straw cup/regular cup of water at mealtimes for sure, and when it's hot out. i'd probably make that some kind of nutritious milk for part of the day. but it sounds like he's getting a pretty good balanced diet in addition to a pretty solid amount of breastmilk, so i think it's probably your call on what to do.
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