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Thread: Is it b/c she was sick or just a new trick?

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    Default Is it b/c she was sick or just a new trick?

    DD had stomach bug Thursday with a slight fever, vomiting and yucky poops. It was gone by Friday and she's feeling much better. But ever since Friday, at every nursing session she pops off somewhat earlier than normal and just starts tongue-ing at my nipple. She looks me and grins and coos, but won't nurse anymore. She is just now 3 months old and has recently discovered her hands and getting her hands to her mouth and exploring with her tongue...so don't know if its b/c her tummy may not be 100% back or it's just a cool new thing. I don't want it to affect my supply.

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    Default Re: Is it b/c she was sick or just a new trick?

    Probably not related to the tummy bug. As babies get older they become more efficient nursers, which means they can get the same amount of milk in a shorter time. They also become more aware of the world around them and consequently often become more distractible! Best thing to do is offer frequently; if baby is hungry, she'll nurse.

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