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Thread: clumpy pumped milk?

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    Default clumpy pumped milk?

    Yesterday I pumped my milk while at work and stored it in a cooler bag with ice packs I always use when at work. After work, we went to an amusement park to watch fireworks. I got a bottle of the pumped breastmilk out to start letting it warm up to give to my daughter. Every few minutes I would shake/rotate/swirl the bottle to help warm evenly (I didn't have access to warm running water to help warm). That is when I noticed that the milk had floating, white clumps in it and it was sticking to the side of the bottle. It smelled fine, just looked weird. I used the other bottle I had pumped that day and dumped that one because I had no idea what happened... and insight?

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    The clumpy milk was normal. The clumps were probably blobs of fat and/or protein that were resistant to being reincorporated into the milk.

    I think we expect our milk to look like the milk we buy at the store- but keep in mind that human milk isn't filtered, pasteurized, and homogenized! Clumping and separation is to be expected.

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    Default Re: clumpy pumped milk?

    Very normal.

    When I pumped milk for my DS1, there was always a layer of "fat" on the top when it was chilled in the fridge. I think you may have not noticed it before and when you warm it with warm running water, it reincorporates (vs just swirling it to warm it).

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    Default Re: clumpy pumped milk?

    My daughter loves the "clumps." We scrape any stuck to the sides of the bottle with a spoon and feed it to her. Don't want to waste any of that liquid gold.

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