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Thread: Hemp protein and fiber powder?

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    Default Hemp protein and fiber powder?

    So I noticed that the hemp protein and fiber powder I carry in my store is very high in iron.. wondering if anyone has any experience giving this to their babies? I've read of moms giving hemp protein powder but not the protein and fiber stuff.. my concern would be it might upset her tummy. I used to put it in my smoothies all the time when I was pregnant and it kept me regular for sure, which might be a good thing for her since she still poops very infrequently (still mostly breastfed - 9months!), but the idea makes me wonder if it could be bad for her tummy? I guess I could try just a small amount in a smoothie.

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    I think it's a really digestible protein. I use the protein powder in smoothies now (pregnant) I don't think it's protein+ fiber but I'd have to look at the label. I think it'd be OK to try.
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