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Thread: 4mo distractions

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    My four month old has recently become very distracted while BF. She used to eat about twenty mins on one side and then ten on the other. In the last week I have only been able to get her to eat about five mins and only on one side, even with offering the other side. She has been eating a little bit longer early in the morning but that's it. She keeps popping off and just smiles and seems happy and will fuss when I try to get her to relatch. She has now started to do this with the bottle too when my husband feeds her while I am working. She is having 8-10 diapers still a day, and her weight is good. I am just concerned she is not getting enough and my breast are getting engorged at night because she is not eating much. I do pump in the morning routinely but should I be pumping more? Is this just a phase she is going through? Should I be concerned cause I am...

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    My daughter did this at 3 months. she is just more efficient at the breast now. but upped her time to 5-10 mins. and now eats more often. I just offered the breast more often when she was doing that. I think its pretty typical. if you are worried you could definitley pump more. also your huibby can offer the bottle more if she stops. My daughter just became a snacker for about a month. she is still some what of a snacker but she seems to have evened out now.

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    I'm going through the exact same thing with my 4 month old! Today especially was a *very* distractible day and DH and I were discussing things we could do to encourage her to eat better. I think it's going to be a quiet, semi darkened room with no distractions whatsoever. Although... LO still pops off, smiles sweetly and starts *talking* lol. I think offering to nurse / feed more frequently during the day and/or night is a good idea until this stage evens out a little!
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