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Thread: Caffeine in breastmilk

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    Hi. I'm new to this forum! My baby boy is turning 4 months next week, and has been breastfeeding like a champ.

    IMy question is...how soon after drinking a caffeinated beverage does the caffeine and/or substance affect breastmilk? I think my son has a sensitivity to chocolate (just as I did as a child). I also think I may have waited too long (about 2 hours) to pump this evening, after having a cup of hot chocolate. Would my breastmilk already be affected?

    Thanks for any insight!

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    kellymom references a study by the APA saying that caffeine peaks about 1hr after ingestion. There's also a chart listed here:

    I eat quite a lot of chocolate, too, so I was interested in finding out if there was a negative affect on DB via breastmilk.

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    your dc could def be bothered by the choc or the milk? After dealing with ds's allergy's know that anyone can be allergic to anything. Also I think it says in the LLL answerer book, ( a leader will have to check for sure?!?) That you can consume several cups of caffeine w/o it affecting most babies, something like at least 4 cups of coffee? Have a great day!

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