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Thread: 3rd baby & different poop

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    Default 3rd baby & different poop

    My baby, since birth, does not pass many stools. She goes about 1-2 days without a poopy diaper. I know that not having many dirty diapers is a sign of not enough intake, but she has been gaining weight since birth (she's 7 weeks now) and has wet diapers at every feeding (about 8-10). She just doesn't seem to poop, and when she does her stools are liquid. It's still a golden color, but it's liquid. She is a happy baby, she doesn't appear to be struggling with gas pains or digestive problems. Should the consistency of her stools and the frequency be cause for concern?

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    Did your baby pass her meconium within a normal time period? And how has your baby's weight gain been? If she passed her meconium on time and has been gaining weight normally, I don't think the stool frequency is cause for concern. Some babies are just infrequent poopers. Many babies fall into a pattern where they poop as little as once every week, sometimes even once every 2 weeks. Most babies don't get to that point until 6 weeks or beyond, but some babies will poop infrequently even before the 6 week point.

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