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    I delivered a month back. And from the beginning I was having issues with breastfeeding. Sore nipples, cracked nipples etc. Of late, I noticed a lump and due to the delay it developed into a breast abscess. I had to undergo a surgery to remove the lump and on treatment now. It sure hurts like hell. This is on my left breast. Now, I noticed a lump on my right breast . I do not want to go through the same, so will be meeting a doc tomorrow. However, this is getting extremely stressful. I want to breast feed my son. I cannot feed from my left breast for a couple of days until the wound heals and the milk in my right breast is very little. To top it all, I'm having this lump on my right breast. I'm giving him formula milk as well.
    I'm wondering why does these lumps come very often.
    I also feel my son is not too comfortable with the FM. He passes stool every time he drinks it. In fact he urinates almost 20 times a day. I've also noticed he appears constipated at times. I feel his urine is quite hot ( which i feel could be due to the antibiotics I'm taking) . I'm just not able to see his struggle. At the same time I feel thoroughly disappointed when I'm unable to bf him. I feel very stressed and almost feel like giving up bf but do not want to.
    Please help.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    We've had a few moms here over the years who've had abscesses and biopsies, various surgical procedures on the breast- and I think that most of them have been able to nurse during the immediate post-op period. As long as the incision is not right where the baby's mouth falls, the moms have been able to keep a bandage over the incision and just nurse. I would search the forum for threads on abscess, bipsies, etc., and see what pops up.

    Formula can be hard on a baby's tummy, and can cause discomfort and sometimes constipation. The good news is that if your baby is pooping every time he eats, he is not constipated. Maybe a little uncomfortable, but not constipated. You don't want to suspect constipation in a breastfed baby unless the baby is going >7 days without pooping and the poop is hard and pellet-like- almost like rabbit poop- when it is produced.

    So let's talk about that lump on the right. You definitely want to work on draining it. So you want to nurse on that side as much as you can. Vary your nursing position to ensure that all areas of the breast receive drainage. Try to massage the lump with your hand, and also use moist heat on the breast and on the nipple, and try massaging the area with some sort of vibration- an electric toothbrush would be good.

    Since I am sure you are on antibiotics right now, I also strongly suggest taking a good probiotic and practicing good breast hygeine- change your bras, shirts, and towels daily and wash them on hot. You may also want to restrict simple starches and sugars in your diet. Doing the above may help you avoid thrush (a yeast infection of the breast) that could make your complicated situation even more complicated.

    Hang in the, mama!

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    PS: I bumped some old but potentially useful threads for you. Click on "New Posts" and they should show up.

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