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Thread: Please tell me I'm not the only one?!

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    Oh wow - it really sounds like there's alot going on in your life. These are really hard years to get through with so much change (having a baby and rearranging your whole life to accommodate a new person!), and to add on top of that the other stresses you must be having sounds really, extraordinarily tough. I just want to offer some love for how difficult your situation is.

    I wouldn't be surprised at all if baby is responding to your stress levels - which is not to say there's anything you're doing wrong! Stress happens, and babies know.

    Good luck, mama!
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    Here's some safe guidelines for co sleeping: http://cosleeping.nd.edu/safe-co-sleeping-guidelines/
    Ds would react the same way if we tried cry it out. He also WAKES up and had a harder time falling back to sleep if he's rolled away from me instead of sleeping snuggled up like the picture in the link. If he's cuddled up, he stirs, nurses, and stays asleep. Even my hand resting on his chest can keep him sleeping soundly. Also, 12-15 months was his worst patch off sleep since the new born phase. Part was teething and part was the huge leaps in language he made then. I just remind myself how much his brain is growing right now and how good breast milk is for him. I'm sorry you're getting flak for still breastfeeding.

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