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Thread: Sharing an article, babies' first foods

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    Default Sharing an article, babies' first foods


    Every baby deserves to be healthy and is entitled to their health. I believe it is something that every parent wants to provide for their child. Unfortunately, we are often misguided by the massive amount of misinformation in mainstream literature. Many pediatricians recommend introducing iron-fortified rice cereal as baby’s first food. This is because they believe rice to be a low allergenic food, and some babies need additional iron other than mom’s milk after 6 months. Babies have enough iron stored for at least the first 6 months, even longer if breastfed.
    A major problem with starting babies off on rice cereal is that grains are very difficult for babies to digest. One reason for this is because babies do not make enough amylase, the enzyme needed to break down carbohydrates. Babies develop enzymes as their digestive system matures. So, not only is rice cereal lacking in nutrients, it is also harsh on a baby’s developing digestive system.
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    Default Re: Sharing an article, babies' first foods

    You are absolutely right about grains being hard on the digestive system, it's actually because grains dont
    want you to eat them! They want to grow as seeds, the phytic acid actually strips nutrients from your body. Normally not an issue if you eat meat, etc but when I was vegan I suffered some serious deficiencies. I had golf ball and softnall sized bruises all over my body ftom my whole grain rich diet!

    Anyway, grains are highly nutritious if you sprout them or soak them in acidic medium for a good 12-18 hours. I make soaked oatmeal for my kids, essentially you are pre digesting it.
    But even better first foods are the ones in your article. Organic grassfed butter all the way!
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