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Thread: Tiny newborn too sleepy...small mouth

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    I'm nursing her every 1.5-2 hours...so 10 times is not a problem. I told the doc we were getting half an ounce on the pump after feeding her and she said I can cut back the pumping. I'm only doing 4 times a day but she said that the baby is nursing enough so I don't need to. My nipples are sore but aren't too bad. I had to feed her at the doc and she had a really bad latch, so now the left one has a small blister, but I'm generally fine with it. I feel the 30 sec sizzle and then it's fine. What should I do about the pumping since my LC and doc say different things?

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    So the LC says to continue to pump, and the doc says to stop? I don't know that there's a right or a wrong answer here... On the one hand, once baby is gaining appropriately from nursing alone, is nursing frequently enough, and pain is minimal, there's generally no need to pump. The baby will maintain supply all on her own. But on the other hand, pumping does provide a form of insurance- in terms of maintaining supply- for a very small, very new baby who is still getting nursing worked out. The risks to pumping are, one, that you can provoke an oversupply from too much pumping (and oversupply can make nursing much harder for the baby), and two, that you may be squandering precious time and energy by slaving over the pump. I think that continuing to pump small amounts (0.5-1 oz) after nursing, a few times per day, is actually a good compromise. You keep your supply just a wee bit higher than baby would by herself, but you don't risk pumping yourself into oversupply because you're being disciplined about taking small amounts.

    Glad the pain is going away!

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