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Thread: Sore nipples, thrush or latch?

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    Default Sore nipples, thrush or latch?

    About 2 weeks ago I noticed my baby making a clicking noise while nursing sometimes, she is 4 months old, and her latch seemed to be loose. Not shallow, but loose. I fretted for a few days, wondering about her getting enough milk, etc because it just felt different when she nursed. But I checked her pee and poop diapers and all has been good. Well, over the last three days, my nipples are in so much pain when she latches on to nurse. It's almost like she has changed her latch and she looks like a little baby bird instead of opening her mouth up wide like she used to. My nipples are slightly pink, but not anymore so than after a previous growth spurt, so I don't know it this is thrush causing the pain and making her latch change. She has starting chomping down on my nipples and twisting them more recently with her gums because I know she is teething but I am in so much pain when she nurses now I need to figure out the problem. Any ideas???

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    OMG! My LO is doing the exact same thing! I am thinking it must be the teething because he is drooling A LOT! His latch just does not seem to be right and it was not like that the last couple of months. If it were thrush, wouldn't there be other symptoms such as white patches in his mouth or pain in the breast?
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    Well, hm. It is possible that her latch might change if her mouth is hurting her. Do you see any white patches on the insides of her cheeks?

    One other possibility could be if you have a fast letdown, she might clamp down to slow the flow of milk, or pull off/let go at letdown to wait for the flow to slow down a bit. Does she ever gulp or choke during letdown?

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