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Thread: Encouragement

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    It's only 8 more weeks of pumping. Your child IS gaining. I am not sure how big you expected him to be at a year. But in the 50th percentile is still gaining. It would not be normal for your child to be born in the top 1 percent of babies and STAY THERE. Is that what you expected? That he would stay in the 99 percentile? There is nothing to worry about. Just keep at at and work at the solids game. So that when you pump wean he is eating solids. You can do this Aileen. And you always could.

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    I understand about the stress and aniexty that comes with the constant pumping and worrying if you are getting enough. I am currently in that boat and still get stresses about each ounce from time to time. Especially when it comes time for my period and my supply drops dramatically at times. Each time I think "Oh no, it's finally happened. My supply is diminishing. I knew this would happen someday." I only have a little over a month to go for the one year mark. I can't wait to pack the pump away. I'm exhausted and crazy from constantly worrying whether I'll get enough milk for the day and whether DD is getting as much as she needs. Hang in there. I'm trying to do the same.

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    Have been having same problem dd small at birth still small now at the 15% th centile stayed at home delayed work, gave solids her weight gain despite everything is just within normal. Now at 1 year she's just over 17lbs , but otherwise great no frequent infections healthy happy, runs around early milestones.so I guess she is petite , so i guess weight is not everything even now she gains weight in spurts. Had problems since day1, formula , nursing strike , poor weight gain, but am proud to say that I am still feeding her at 1 year. Never thought would make it past a week. So just hang in there, actually nursing past a year is more enjoyable as you r no longer her sole source of nutrition, it lifts a huge burden off

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