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Thread: Purple Nipple after Pumping

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    Exclamation Purple Nipple after Pumping

    Does this happen to anyone else? I have noticed that while I am pumping and right after I have purple nipples. Is this cause for concern? I currently use a PISA twice a day while I am at work. I pump for 15 minutes each session.
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    Sounds like a vasospasm: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/moth...ple-blanching/. A different size of shields may help, since vasospasms often result from compression of the nipple.

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    Default Re: Purple Nipple after Pumping

    I notice the same thing. It goes away as soon as I stop pumping. I was also wondering if my shield could possibly be to big (I can't imagine it being too small). I don't really know how to tell. I think my whole (if not most) areola gets sucked in with my nipple. I'm not sure how much or how little should get sucked into the flange. I never have know if I am using the right size. My nipple/areaola looks like it swells while pumping. Is this normal too?

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