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Thread: Yeast, Blood, and Slowing Production -- So many problems!

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    Default Yeast, Blood, and Slowing Production -- So many problems!

    I've posted a few times about some of these things, but I have more questions. I am breastfeeding 11-week-old twins. I've been back at work 2.5 weeks and having issues with pumping. I'm currently trying different pumps because my double electric was failing to do much. My single electric is much more efficient, and I'm considering trying a manual, too. I'm also trying to find a way to add in a third pumping session, because I'm pretty uncomfortable after just a couple of hours (working a full 9-hour day).

    Because I've been so engorged, I've been practicing hand expressing and it has been helping. I can actually express a lot. I chose to hand express for an entire pumping session yesterday, but it's too labor intensive to do every day. Then today I expressed a bit of blood after pumping with my single electric. I've also had a lot of nipple pain and it looks like it's a yeast infection, so I'm treating that now. Also, my right breast has lost a lot of its production (same side as the blood). I'm getting one ounce per session instead of three ounces, but still getting four ounces in the left.

    I've read that blood can be caused by a burst capillary, which can be caused by hand expressing too roughly. Is that true? My breasts feel a little tender, but no real pain. Can a yeast infection cause blood? I also read that a yeast infection can slow production. Does anyone know if that is accurate? I don't have any lumps or other signs of plugged ducts or infection. Any other insights?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: Yeast, Blood, and Slowing Production -- So many problems

    hi there!

    you could have been a bit agressive while hand expressing but i would not stop pumping or hand expressing because of that, it could have also been from the pumping. the blood is just kind of shocking to see.

    worse though would be pumping less and getting engorged.

    was your double electric new when you started pumping? have you used it a lot since they've been born? pumps generally have a life span of about a year for the average working mom of a single baby. they will work after but may not be as effective.

    you may want to get a hospital grade pump, you could rent it. at least to get your pumping in a good rhythm and to make sure you are properly emptying your breasts. twins means you need to remove more obviously.

    as for the yeast just make sure you take care of it.

    keep an eye out for lumps and sore spots and massage them.

    do you have a hands free bra? you will be able to massage and compress your breast while using a double pump. then i would hand express for a few minutes at the end.

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