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Thread: baby won't drink....

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    Default baby won't drink....

    Hi, I'm in the process of weaning my baby, who will be one next week. I went to my parents' and we managed to easily decrease by one feeding a week and night weaned easily (he didn't even ask for it!!), and I have been feeding him morning and bedtime for a couple weeks. It had been going well, but I have found that he won't take much milk during the day. He used to, and will take a tiny amount of water, but I am lucky to get him to take 4 oz of milk during the day. I'm using lactose-free whole milk on advice from my pediatrician (he was concerned that DS was only taking 4 oz formula), but have tried goat's milk, rice formula, and lactose-free dairy formula, and he hates it all.

    I've read that a person can mix breast milk and whole milk and gradually decrease the breastmilk, but my pump is very old and my supply has dropped to where all I can get is a few drops. If I ever try to freeze my breastmilk it goes nasty-tasting, regardless of whether I scald it, store it in glass, etc.

    So my main question is this--how many oz of milk does he need to replace the feedings he's lost? Or do I just have to take the plunge and buy a new pump so I can mix the 2 kinds of milk?

    My other question--if I wean completely and he can't smell milk on me would he take the cow's milk more easily?

    I really do want to wean. Really. I do. Totally tired of breastfeeding and want to wean. I just don't want to do it too drastically and want to make sure he's getting enough nutrition otherwise.

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    embarrassing confession alert.... dd4 weaned from me to Yohoo. you know, the chocolate drink with no redeeming value?!
    But he was eating a variety of foods at the time so I did not obsess.
    Not a shining example of elevated motherhood, but he is now 20 years old and no harm done!
    Started my family in 1986
    Finally done in 2001

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    Contact your pediatrician. They should be able to give you the right amount of milk or other dairy for a 1 year-old. IIRC it's 16-20 oz of whole milk per day, but I am not 100% sure about that.

    You can also offer whole-milk yogurt and cheese instead of plain milk- and again, ask the pediatrician about amounts.

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