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Thread: Is it OK to drop to pump 2x a day now?

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    Default Is it OK to drop to pump 2x a day now?

    My daughter is 13 months and had been getting breast milk 5 x day (in the morning, 3 breast milk bottles, then nursed at night). On weekends she's EBF 5x.

    I've still been pumping 3x a day and until the last month generally pumped three 4 oz bottles which she drank entirely ( I thought she'd start leaving some behind as solid intake grew-- never happened). Recently I've substituted 1 smoothie in place of the third bottle. Here's the thing: I'm still pumping 3 x but my per pump output has dropped and I only get 8 - 10 oz total.

    Should I take the plunge and drop to pumping 2x/day and assume I can make that much still? Or will my supply dip further? In other words, should I assume that I can get the same volume with 2 pumps instead of 3 at this point?

    Worse case, if it drops further she can get cow's milk, but my wish is to be able to pump twice and get the yield I'm getting now, I'm just afraid to make the move and be wrong! Any thoughts on this or better yet, any experience?


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    Default Re: Is it OK to drop to pump 2x a day now?

    you will likely not be able to pump twice and get the same yield - maybe for a few days until your body adjusts to the lower demand, but very likely not long term. but your supply should be well-enough established now that you could actually quit pumping altogether if you wanted (slowly!!) and nurse when you're together without any trouble. you can give her cow's milk or water or whatever you want while you're apart in place of breastmilk; as long as she's nursing 3-4 times per 24 hours she's getting her "dairy" requirement from that. personally i couldn't wait to quit the pump and get my work productivity back, and did so at the earliest opportunity. good luck with your decision!
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    Default Re: Is it OK to drop to pump 2x a day now?

    It sounds like you're only nursing twice per day, so if you stopped pumping entirely, you probably would be looking at a need for additional dairy - whether cow's or other animal milk, yogurt or cheese. On the other hand, any chance you could add some nursing sessions in to the morning or evening? For example, nurse immediately when you get home and then right before bed? It's also possible that if you add in additional nursing at home, you could get a similar yield from two sessions compared to three (because you would be increasing demand at home and therefore making up for the decreased demand at work). Otherwise, I agree - a drop in demand will lead to a drop in supply. But I'm like auderey - couldn't wait to get rid of the pump. I've always pump weaned at a year.

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