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Thread: Understanding my 10.5 month old's BF and food needs...

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    Default Understanding my 10.5 month old's BF and food needs...

    Hi all,
    I always get good advice here and was hoping to get some feedback as to how we're doing about food and breastfeeding. A normal day for us is as follows (give or take a half hour):
    7am wake up - BF
    8:30 goat/sheep yogurt or applesauce (switched every other day)
    10 BF and then nap till 11/11:30
    12-12:30 fresh fruit, mushed up with some pieces (banana, apricot, etc)
    2:30-3 BF with second nap till 4/4:30
    5:30 dinner (organic baby food - meat and veggies, or tiny pasta with goat ricotta (no cow produced dairy yet), sometimes I add pureed veggies or legumes
    7pm BF and bedtime
    Night wakings with BF usually at 11pm, and then once more before morning, usually around 3am.
    That makes six BFs a day, and sometimes an extra one gets worked in between 1st and 2nd nap. I have been nursing only one side at a time since I had oversupply in the beginning and had to do block feeding. Right boob almost always leaks when I nurse on the left, but not vice versa (even after all these months!)
    My main questions to you guys are: Is this about right for her age? Did/does your 10 month old eat more solids or less or BF more or less than mine? I watch the clock to make sure she BFs enough as she is a really easy baby and doesn't really ask for it. When I ask her if she wants her "milkies" she does let me know though. I wonder if I should be feeding her a proper lunch instead of just fruit. Her intake at dinner seems to have increased. She has gotten much more curious about what we are eating in the last few weeks, but when I give her little pieces she will just play with them and does not feed herself yet. She will open her mouth and gladly eat tiny tastes though.
    Also, do you think I'm at risk for decreasing my supply by just feeding with one boob per feeding? She seems satiated and pops off smiling and happy, but I want to keep BFing after she turns one so I don't want to accidentally diminish my milk.
    I am a first time mom but I don't have family or many friends close by as we moved to a new city just before I got pregnant - so I need help from you guys!
    Thanks very much in advance,

    (Btw her weight is on track, diaper output is (very!) good, and she is reaching her milestones on time and is almost walking already!)

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    Default Re: Understanding my 10.5 month old's BF and food needs...

    At this age, the 'right' amount of solids is however much baby will voluntarily eat (if self-feeding). Is baby self-feeding or do you spoon feed her?

    I think nursing on one breast should be fine, though I'd offer the other just to see if she'll take it. It's not on your schedule, but do you nurse before offering solid foods? I think I still would at this stage, just to make sure she is not nursing less because she is full of solids. Breast milk should still be her primary source of nutrition until age one and solids are just for fun and experience.
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    Default Re: Understanding my 10.5 month old's BF and food needs...

    It looks like you're on track. I agree with still.here about offering to nurse before solids. Especially before lunch because she's going a long stretch without nursing then - 10 am to 2:30, if I understand correctly. And six feeds a day is low. It may be okay due to your oversupply - sounds like weight gain and diaper output are good - but never hurts to offer a couple more times in the day (before lunch and dinner for example) - if she doesn't want to nurse, she won't. Also doesn't hurt to offer the other breast. I have oversupply too and my LO mostly nursed off of one breast at a time, but again - no harm in offering the other! I think she's getting plenty of solids and sounds like she's doing quite well with them, you just want to be sure you're not short-changing her on the good stuff (ie your milk)!

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    Default Re: Understanding my 10.5 month old's BF and food needs...

    My baby is 10 months old and I also have had pretty bad overproduction, although it is getting much better. I could not for the life of me draw up a scedule of meals, nursing sessions or naps. I understand you want to make sure baby nurses often enough and that is smart- You are so organized!

    For what it is worth, Here is what we do. We offer baby "solid" food when we eat meals (so, three times a day at this point, usually) and she always eats something, usually a very teeny tiny amount, although in the last few days she sometimes surprises me by eating more. And I just nurse whenever she or I feel like it. Right now she is ill so she has been nursing alot, but 'normally' my guess would be that she nurses about 10 times a 24 hour day. Sometimes one side, sometimes both, and sometimes she is fussy and it's a bit back and forth. I let her switch sides when/if she wants.

    Just to show how little she eats- Examples of what we offer (Not what she actually eats) -1 or 2 of the following- a quarter of a banana, a few blueberries, a quarter of a bagle with cream cheese, a quarter of a slice of toast with butter, plain yogurt-(a Tablespoon full, maybe?), slices (a quarter or so) of peach or pear, 2 or 3 "holdable" slices of cooked carrot or potato, or 2 or 3 cooked florets of broccoli or cauliflour, a quarter of a avocado, or a half of a small tomato, sliced, a few noodles plain or with tomato sauce, a (very) few shreds of cooked chicken, pork, or turkey...for the most part, she gets some version of whatever we are eating.

    I would guess her diet is 90% breastmilk.

    yesterday we unexpectedly had lunch out and her lunch was a few slices of tomato from my salad and three french fries. YES, I know. Bad mommy! I even forgot her diaper bag...

    Tiny amounts. And still, most of it ends up on the floor or in her (or my) hair or under her bottom in the high chair...

    For naps, my baby usually nurses to sleep around our older boys bedtime (8pm.) Then she nurses overnight a few times. 3 or 4? Otherwise, except that she loves to nurse to sleep, we really don't have a scedule for naps. They happen when they happen...often in the car!

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