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Thread: Diarrhea and first period?

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    Default Diarrhea and first period?

    Wow! First time posting in this section of the forum... Can't believe we passed the 1 year milestone!
    I started weaning but it hasn't been a fast process. So still nursing about 5 times a day.

    My LO has had diarrhea/runny stools for the past 2 weeks. I did take her to the Dr. And they checked for salmonella and stuff and came back negative. They prescribed something to stop the runny poop, but we have been cautious about giving too much since she usually was constipated... So...

    Anyway, I just had my first period this past Saturday and my hubby keeps telling me that the BM could be the issue since my body changed, which I though it wasn't a totally crazy idea... Is that possible? Could the changes in my body be causing my LO to be sick of her stomach? Should I wean completely now?

    Just wanted to see if someone else had a similar situation...


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    Default Re: Diarrhea and first period?

    I've never heard of diarrhea being associated with mom getting her cycle back, nor have I personally experienced it with either of my children despite nursing them for years while also having my cycle.

    My pediatrician once told me that "half of pediatrics is poop, either too much or too little". Your pediatrician checked your LO for salmonella and probably plenty of other stuff, but there are plenty of diarrhea-causing illnesses which are hard to detect, or which the pediatrician wouldn't look for because they are rarer or because they are not on the list of things which "typically" cause diarrhea. Therefore, I think the most conservative hypothesis is that your LO's diarrhea is caused by something other than your milk. A less common illness. An allergy or intolerance. Something in your baby's diet- it could even be something that seems totally innocuous.

    I would absolutely not wean over this. First of all, your baby is still very young, which means that breastmilk is still a very important part of her diet. Second, breastmilk tends to prevent diarrheal illness, and to shorten the duration of said illnesses. Third, breastmilk is very easy on an upset tummy. Fourth, nursing is very comforting to a sick kid.

    Here's what I would do:
    - Push the diarrhea-fighting "BRAT" foods (bananas, rice, apples, toast)
    - Take away any cow's milk products that baby is getting, especially if she is getting straight cow's milk which can really upset a kid's tummy
    - Observe the baby. If she is acting healthy and happy, she probably is healthy and happy! Weird poops, even a long string of them, don't necessarily mean anything about her general growth and development.
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    Default Re: Diarrhea and first period?

    We did cut milk. We started introducing it probably the week before she started the runny poops. She didn't take much anyway...

    We are giving her some yogurt though, per our ped's suggestion since it suppose to help recover the bacteria. I also got some probiotics for kids at the pharmacy and we are giving her that with water when she eats.
    But she looooooves cheese! It never caused a problem before, and she's been eating cheese for quite a while...

    I don't think we've inroduced anything new to her diet, except for the milk, and we cut that already. So I have no idea what else it can be. I guess as you said, it could be any other illness that may be causing it... I am not sure how long to wait though to take her again.

    She has been fussier than usual though, specially at night. I think she also has gas associated with the upset tummy, last night she woke up at 3am and was screaming after passing gas and a little poop. She's been waking up screaming like that for the past days, and I think it's either the tummy or teething, or both... poor baby

    That's another thing, she's been pooping at night for the past week too...

    Anyway... I'll try some of the BRAT foods you mentioned. We started giving her rice cereal with BM last week too. She's not a banana fan, so we'll see about that one!


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    Default Re: Diarrhea and first period?

    Hi there! I know this was a while ago but my six month old daughter is displaying exactly the same symptoms. Did you ever find out what the cause was? What happened in the end?

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    Default Re: Diarrhea and first period?

    Not the OP, but my family was recently hit with a viral gastro bug and diarrhea was part of the package for my poor DS. In his case, lots of rest and nursing brought him around, along with time to recover.

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    Not really, no I didn't find out what it was. But I'd agree with the information that other mamas provided here. I don't think it was the breastmilk. At this point she was eating different things and we had recently introduced milk. I just think it was something she ate or a combination of stuff one day and she just had to get it out!
    If it helps, she didn't seem to bother or hurt. And my mom also told me that whatever was making her sick was better out that in! Lol.
    Just make sure your LO is hydrated while it lasts.

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    When my baby was about 13 months old we went through a really dreadful bout of diarrhea for like three weeks. We never figured out what it was either. There is a thread on here somewhere about our experience probably in the health and wellness section. Anyway my baby weathered it fine and both my doctor and I agreed that it was because she was breast-feeding so much that she never really had a health issue despite the fact that she clearly had some awful virus or parasite or something. She didn't ever get dehydrated she didn't lose weight despite this awful long-lasting diarrhea.
    That was the first time I've ever gone through diarrhea with a child and I found out some interesting things. from what I read the treatment for most diarrhea illnesses is to manage symptoms. This means you keep the child from getting dehydrated or losing too
    much weight and keep the child as comfortable as possible. breast-feeding is a perfect way to do both.

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