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    I am a security officer for a company which requires random bag inspections. Tonight on my way in to work a fellow officer asked to inspect my bags. I allowed him to inspect my lunch box but did not allow him to check my pump bag. I have breathe victim of ongoing harassment and a hostile workplace and I did not feel that this was information that needed to be shared with my coworkers. I did tell the officer to contact a supervisor to search it. He did not, so I went right to him and reported it myself. This is a fireable offense, but I think my employer should protect my privacy. Did I overreact or was I within my bounds? Opinions?

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    Hate to say it, mama, but this sounds like an overreaction on your part. Expressed milk is nothing to be ashamed of, and I don't think your privacy is unduly compromised by submitting to a search in this instance. It's not like someone asked to see your breasts. Just what came out of them.

    However, if you feel that things which are found during a search of your bags have the potential to contribute to a hostile workplace environment- if they become the subject of jokes, banter, or harassment- then there's a problem with your company's search policies. Things which are found during a routine search, which are not harmful, and which are of an intimate but not strictly private nature need to be treated as if they were invisible. I'm thinking of things like adult diapers, tampons, a box of condoms, a medical device, underwear, a Starfleet uniform and pair of Vulcan ears, etc. You can't have someone search your bag and then have it come back to bite you (e.g. "I saw those tampons in your bag and I know you're on the rag, haha!" or "Hey, I saw your spare colostomy bag and now I'm telling everyone all about it!"). So if something like that is happening, then I think THAT is what you address with your supervisors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*peanutbutterbear View Post
    I have breathe victim of ongoing harassment and a hostile workplace
    Is this something you've reported to your supervisor and/or HR? Is the harassment/hostility related to your pumping? If so, I definitely think that is something that should be addressed with a superior.... It doesn't seem like simply not allowing your pumping bag to be checked gets to the root of the problem.

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    My company also does random security inspections. I have only gone through it once while pumping. I made sure to hand my pump bag to the female guard rather than male one. She peaked in, jumped back, exclaimed that she knew what that was, and I was all set. She was quiet embarrassed, but it didn't phase me at all. I am much more embarrassed by pads/tampons than a breast pump, but that is just me.

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