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Thread: Do I have to stop nursing?

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    Default Do I have to stop nursing?

    I need help. I'm nursing a 16 month old, we haven't had any problems until recently. A few weeks ago he bit me while nursing and left a gash. That nipple was soon red and very painful. My Dr prescribed antibiotics. I tried to stop nursing on that side for a day or so to see if that would help. But then my other nipple ended up red with sharp pains too. Dr prescribed a different antibiotic, no change. 3rd visit to Dr, she gave me a shot of antibiotics, plus ointment for gash & cream to treat fungal infection. No change. Then 2 rounds of oral yeast med but still no change. Both my Dr & pediatrician don't think its thrush. Why isn't it going away? At this point I'm afraid stopping nursing is the only thing that will help, but I really don't want to stop this way. Any experience or ideas would be helpful. Thanks

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    Has baby been treated for thrush, or just you?

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