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Thread: Troubled supply at 6 month

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    My 6 month old has recently been waking during the night which I thought was attributed to starting to crawl or a growth spurt perhaps but now I'm convinced its because my milk supply has dropped. I've always had such problems with oversupply so it's a shock to me. I work part time so I pump some of the time (every 3 hours) on the days I work. I've noticed I have been coming up short a bit on milk with my pumping sessions and today it was as much as 2 Ounces this morning short and an ounce this afternoon. Also, tonight I let my daughter nurse extra long, usually she nurses herself to sleep and after an hour she was still going at it. Finally I had to give up and have my husband give her another 2 ounces in a bottle (and boom she was out). We stated solids 3 weeks ago, having oatmeal in the am and an ounce maybe of veggies in the evenings. I took a pregnancy test and that's negative and I haven't gotten my period so that's not why my supply has dropped. Any recommendations, I really want to continue to nurse AT LEAST a year??

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    It sounds like you are coming up just slightly short of where you would like to be for milk production, I guess I would recommend allowing your little one to nurse as much as she wants when you are with her, that will bring your supply up within a couple of days, and if you could add in a pumping session when you are at work. Perhaps on the drive there? That would help as well
    Oh, also, have you checked your pump over? Is it in good working condition? If some parts are getting old that also could explain the recent lowered pumping amounts! I'm sure other people will come along with more ideas for you

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    I just had a similar experience with my 5 month old, 6 months old next week. Just today my supply went way back up again and she seems much happier. I did have to go on a diet for some foods that were causing blood in her stool, and it seemed like it took a few weeks for my supply to go back up.

    I kept letting baby nurse as much as she wanted and like I said, it took a few weeks. I was kinda stressed out about a lot of things and think that might have worked against me.

    I agree with the PP, as long as you let her nurse more if she wants she'll be able to bring your supply back up. It was taking an hour for my LO to fall asleep also, we also nurse to sleep. I know it doesn't seem like it's working but eventually your body will make more milk even it takes a little while.
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    Adding to the comments above, if nothing else works, fenugreek and blessed thistle capsules may help as long as you keep pumping... I've been taking them for six months now. I also took domperidone but you need a prescription for it. good luck!

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