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Thread: Coffee- Yes, or no?

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    Default Coffee- Yes, or no?

    I have a two week old baby boy and he has just recently started to become a little fussy around 8:00p.m. I was wondering if it could be caused by me drinking a cup of coffee in the morning. Before I left the hospital after my baby was born, I asked the doctor about caffeine intake and he told me that one cup of coffee a day was still okay. So my question is, could his fussiness at night be caused by the coffee, or is it something else?

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Sure, coffee could be to blame. If you don't mind cutting out the coffee- and tea, and chocolate, which are also sources of caffeine- it's worth a try. Maybe curing the evening fussiness will be as simple as that!

    But probably not.

    Babies are fussy creatures, and even non-fussy babies tend to have a fussy period in the evenings. For some babies, the fussiness is so extreme that people call it colic. Fussiness and colic tend to start around 3 weeks, peak around 6-8 weeks, and decline and vanish by 3-4 months. The fact that fussiness/colic tends to occur at the same period in all babies, regardless of what their moms do/don't do regarding their diets, suggests that it is developmental.

    Some things you can do for evening fussiness:
    - Nurse. Nurse nurse nurse nurse nurse! If baby is willing, nothing works better.
    - Calm house. Turn the lights, TV, and stereo down or, preferably, off.
    - White noise. Radio static, dryer sounds, vacuum cleaner noise, etc.
    - Motion. Bounce on an exercise ball, put baby in a swing, go for a ride in the stroller, rock in a rocker, etc.
    - Closeness. Cuddle baby close to you or wear baby in a sling.
    - Swaddle.
    - Warm bath. Either give baby a bath in the sink, or get in the tub with baby.
    - Fresh air. Take baby outside.

    Dealing with fussy evenings is all about changing the baby's sensory input. Don't expect any one thing to work for very long. As soon as one thing stops working, try something else!

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    I think it's more than likely just normal baby fussiness. Babies are commonly fussy in the evenings! Feel free to enjoy your cup of joe (or two!) a day without having an effect on the baby.

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    According to the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, a mom would have to drink the equivalent to 5 cups of coffee per day to see any possible effect on baby.
    Personally I don't feel alive until I have my morning cup of coffee!

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    i agree with all the PPs, but i'll chime in to say that - somehow - my baby DID have a super sensitivity to tea. even 1 cup of black tea in the morning resulted in him being up in the middle of the night, with 100% reliability (when i drank it he was up, when i didn't he wasn't) until after 9 months. but then i lost my appetite for black tea, normally a staple, even before i knew i was pregnant, so i think there's really just something with him. pregnant again now and not having any trouble with the tea this time. so like the others say: it's not very likely but it's also an easy enough thing to test.
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    I noticed my daughter didn't sleep as well if I drank coffee after 2ish in the afternoon. But I also drink (and drank) a lot of coffee. I pretty much sip on it all day. When I was nursing her, though, I had to cut myself off around 2.
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    I think it's pretty normal for babies to become fussier at 2 weeks (according to Happiest Baby on the Block they peak in fussiness at 6 weeks). I drank plenty of coffee when my daughter was a baby and she was fussy but it didn't change when I cut out the coffee so I kept it.
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