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    Help -- I think I may have Thrush but not for sure since I don't have any of the
    telltale signs (i.e. white bumps/splotches in LO's mouth/on my nipple). My right
    nipple is more sensitive to touch than my left and has been since LO was born. When the LO latches, it stings/sharp pain in my nipple for the first 10-20 seconds that she
    latches then it goes away. The discomfort feels internal - not on the surface of the
    nipple's skin. The discomfort is worse when she hasn't nursed on that side in several hours but is hardly noticeable if she's nursed frequently on that side. My LO is 7 wks and this has been occurring since shortly after she was born. Obviously the
    discomfort isn't unbearable or I would have dealt with it before now and LO shows no signs of being bothered. I originally wrote it off to just being a sensitive nipple. Her latch is fine and the nipple looks the same as the other from all outward
    appearances hence why it's hard to identify the problem. Has anyone had Thrush and does this sound like it to you? I mentioned the idea of Thrush to my aunt who is a
    seasoned BF mom and her response was, "you'll know if it's Thrush b/c it will be so ]uncomfortable" -- but I don't know! Can the Doc do a test to know for certain? Can
    my OB prescribe meds for me and the LO or do I need to see my OB and go to the
    pediatrician? I have a huge stockpile of milk in the freezer for when I go back to
    work and want to cry at the thought of throwing it all away if indeed it is Thrush

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    Welcome to the forum!

    A "30 second sizzle" when baby first latches on is not uncommon nor necessarily abnormal. It's the sensation of the nipple landing a bit too shallow in the baby's mouth, underneath the hard palate, and then being sucked back into the ideal position on the back of the baby's tongue, under the soft palate.

    Some questions for you:
    - How would you describe the pain- more of a pinching or more of a burning?
    - Do you notice any changes on the skin of the nipple- blisters, blebs, cracks, shiny or flaky skin? How about nipple skin appearing more red/pink than normal?
    - Have you had a recent course of antibiotics, including for GBS at birth?
    - Have you had a recent yeast infection anywhere on your body? Has baby had a yeast diaper rash?
    - Have you ever noticed the skin of the nipple blanching (turning white) or perhaps blanching and then turning bluish-purple before returning to a normal color?

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    it turned out i had thrush for a long time with only the burning feeling ... at first i thought it was just baby teething but then that never went away. it never really looked like thrush to me on the nipple and baby never had symptoms. but it sure responded to treatment well! i used the jack newman grapefruit seed extract routine: http://www.nbci.ca/index.php?option=...ocol&Itemid=17
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    - Pain is more burning
    - No changes in the nipple - looks the same as the other breast (this breast is my "problem child" - had several blocked ducts in the first few weeks in the same location but seems to be under control now)
    - No recent antibiotics
    - While I am prone to vaginal yeast infections, I have not had a yeast infection since the later part of the 3rd trimester. No diaper rash.
    - I have noticed the blanching you described from time to time - mostly at night when she cluster feeds and usually only noticeable after I shower and goes away within a few minutes

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    Is it better to see my OB or pediatrician for thrush? While I really like my OB, he doesn't seem all that interested in breastfeeding so I'm not sure that he'll lend that much support/knowledge but maybe I'm making a poor assumption. Does baby have to be treated if not showing symptoms? I want to be SURE this is what I have before throwing out 150 oz of breast milk. Since I can't really identify when this started, I'll have to toss it all right or is it not really necessary if baby doesn't seem to be bothered? I just don't want her to pass it back to me once cleared up.

    Thanks for the help ladies!

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    Blanching is an indicator of vasospasms, which can cause a burning pain and would match well with the plugged ducts- vasospasm is often the product of compression due to a latch issue, and compression/latch issues can cause plugged ducts. Try treating with heat, and see if that helps.


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    Hmmm...I had read up on vasospasms prior but from what I read, it sounds as though the pain occurs more so at the completion of the feeding whereas my pain is at the beginning. Also, my nipple is not "deformed" after nursing and remains a pink flesh color. I only notice both nipples turning white briefly after a hot shower but I think that's just the sensitive skin reacting the the temperature change after a shower b/c it's not uncomfortable. I think I just need to bite the bullet and make an appt with my OB to test for thrush - if that can be ruled out, then I'll research further.

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