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Thread: Help - No dirty diapers

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    Thank you all so very much for the reassurance. I did not give my daughter anything and after I asked for help, sure enough she had a poo big enough to go through three diapers. ha It was a relief for me and her. She has not had one since and I don't think she will anytime soon. I think this is the way her system will be now. She was not constipated so now I'm wondering if I should switch pediatricians since you ladies know more than that office does!

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    I think you pick a pediatrician based on the following:
    - ability to properly diagnose and treat illness
    - availability of appointments when you need them, especially same-day appointments for sick kids
    - whether or not they take your insurance
    - responsiveness to your concerns

    When it comes to breastfeeding and parenting advice, you can always nod and smile and then run the advice by the forum. If it stinks, we'll let you know.

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