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Thread: Feeding my baby too often now?

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    Default Feeding my baby too often now?

    So hubby and I went to a recommended doctor to double check to be sure there was nothing more than normal baby issues and "colic" going on with my baby. Baby is 11 weeks now and he said she looks perfect but while we were there the nurse said she recommends feeding my baby no more than every 2 hours. She said giving her time to digest the milk and get hungrier before a feed might help lessen her gas/spitting up problems as every hour/hour and a half is too frequent at her age (unless its a growth spurt time or something) and only hour and a half naps are short. (she sleeps one 4-7 hour stretch at night but often still only hour or so naps in the day though she often still seems so tired all day because she gets so fussy after not long awake)

    My daughter currently eats every 1.5 hours unless she takes a longer nap (not often) then maybe after 2-3 hours. If she is upset or something else she may want to latch still to sooth and/or eat. Since I often hold her she will also often root with her eyes closed and eat or use the nipple to go back to sleep for longer. She has not found/gotten her thumbs yet and hates the pacifier. Could this be something I should be thinking about at her age, making her wait at least so long before feeding again?

    I have no idea if this is right and want to check around before I try it cause I hate the idea of making her wait if she seems to want it sooner.

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    Default Re: Feeding my baby too often now?

    Wrong wrong wrong WRONG. If that nurse worked for me, I'd fire her. Or at least change her duties so that she was never, ever allowed to give breastfeeding advice.

    It is 100% normal for such a young baby- and even an older baby- to feed every 1.5 hours or even more frequently. The fact that you're feeding your baby on demand explains why she is gaining weight well and is also likely to be the reason your baby is giving you such a nice long sleep stretch at night- more calories taken in during the day equals less need for them at night. Your baby's sleep pattern is also normal. It does not matter how long a baby's naps or nighttime sleep stretches are, as long as the baby gets enough rest over all. Some babies get their sleep needs met in just a few long stretches, and others are cat-nappers, taking many short naps. Both extremes- and everything in between- are normal!

    Scheduling feedings does not improve colic or gas issues. In fact, it is likely to make both problems WORSE. The breast will be fuller in between feedings, making letdowns faster and potentially resulting in more gulping of air and more gas. The baby may take in more milk at a feeding, leading to more discomfort and more spitting. And in between feedings, you will have a miserable baby who does not understand why her mom is denying her the one thing that would make her feel better.

    The worst problem with scheduled feedings is that milk supply is created by demand. Restrict demand- even by a little bit- and you're going to screw with your supply. There are so many moms out there who have ended up with low supply due to scheduled feedings- don't be one of them!

    Off to over bad medical advice. Grrrr....
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    Default Re: Feeding my baby too often now?

    Ugh to that nurse! My healthy, happy 6.5 month old still nurses at least once an hour while awake, and has NEVER in her life taken longer than a 45 minute nap. Babies feeding and sleeping frequencies vary. Stick to your instincts, mama, that nurse was just flat wrong.

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    Default Re: Feeding my baby too often now?

    No, the nurse is wrong. AS mommal points out, not only is it just wrong, this advice is potentially harmful to infant growth and milk production depending on who it is given to. So I would encourage you to call the doctor or whoever oversees the office and report that you have been given this incorrect and potentially harmful "advice."

    Why don't we (society) trust babies to know what they need? Why don't we trust biology? Does any other mammal naturally nurse their babies by a time sheet? I think the clock has caused more breastfeeding issues than any other device.

    It sounds like your baby takes comfort in nursing. This is normal and healthy and a great way to comfort your baby! Nurse away.

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    Default Re: Feeding my baby too often now?

    PLEASE IGNORE THAT ADVICE! She is trying to give you formula advice for your breast feeding baby.

    "On demand" is just that, on demand! Your baby is probably going through a growth spurt. As well, with those longer sleeps at night, they make up for it during the day. All 3 of my girls were nursing that often at that age. There were times where it felt like I couldn't get them off the boob. It's normal and it passes.

    Nurse on demand, burp often. If she takes a break, burp. That will help. But 11 weeks is prime growth spurt age. It sounds like you're doing everything right. Don't change a thing.
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    Default Re: Feeding my baby too often now?

    Thank you so much for your replies. This is kind of what I thought. My hubby was like oh yeah try that and see if it helps but I just literally cannot not give my baby food if she is telling me she wants it and I am a stay at home mother who usually ends up holding her all the time ( even while she is sleeping since she screams when put down ) so I can just pop her on if she wants even if we are walking around in her carrier. I didn't have a problem with doing that at all, just wondered if it was the reason she has the problems as she suggested such. I will just go on just like we are and hope that some of the issues clear up just with this 3/4 month age thing.

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