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Thread: Where to buy a hospital-grade pump

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    Default Where to buy a hospital-grade pump

    Help ladies! I would like to buy a hospital-grade pump for my 2nd , arriving mid-July. The only ones I have found on-line are on Amazon (new) and Ebay (used). Can you please send me some other sites where I can browse brands/models? Thank you in advance!!!

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    Default Re: Where to buy a hospital-grade pump

    Medela's Website has a retailer locator.
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    Default Re: Where to buy a hospital-grade pump

    hygeia's website also has info about how to buy one.
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    Default Re: Where to buy a hospital-grade pump

    Are you looking for a “hospital” or “rental" grade pump, such as the Hygeia Endear, Medela Symphony, or Ameda Elite?

    Or are you looking for a double sided electric personal use pump, such as the Hygeia EnJoye, the Medal Pump in Style, or Ameda Purely Yours?

    A hospital grade is a lot of pump, and are usually only needed for mothers who are exclusively pumping, or who are needing to build a poor production or to bring in production due to baby being unable to nurse or nursing poorly early on. And they can usually be rented for such temporary situations.

    The personal use pumps are usually fine for mothers who are pumping 2-3 times a day due to separations from baby due to work or school, once good milk production is established. This type of pump is the one most mothers use so you will find plenty of reviews online. You will likely see many more reviews of medela products as they sell more pumps due to being long established and having an aggressive marketing strategy. But they also tend to be pricier, and medela the company is not WHO code compliant, if that matters to you.

    All pumps have their benefits and drawbacks, and mothers have thier preferences. Also it will be helpful to know what (if any) customer service/support is offered. I would suggest first exploring the websites of a few pump manufactures and then looking at an opinion site that appears unaffiliated.

    I would suggest considering a lower priced new pump rather than a used pump, if that is at all possible financially. There are few reasons used pumps are problematic. They are machines, and like any other machine, can and will start malfunctioning with age. But if a pump malfunctions, it can harm milk production or even cause breast injury.

    Plus due to their expense and history of being rented, many second hand hospital grade pumps are stolen property.

    If you do get a used pump, make sure it is from a trustworthy source and make sure there have been no recalls of that lot of pumps.

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